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Safety Precautions

Be sure to follow all instructions.

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  • All safety instructions described below are intended to protect the user and other individuals from physical harm and property damage.
  • Safety instructions are classified and described as shown below according to the level of harm or damage resulting from improper use.
This indicates there is a possibility of death or serious injury.
This indicates there is a possibility of injury or damage to property.

Description of Symbols

  • This symbol indicates a prohibited action.
  • This symbol indicates an action that must be taken or an instruction that must be followed.

Precautions for Use


  • Keep out of reach of children. Do not let children play with the product.
    There is a risk of injury.


  • Do not use the bottle sling for any purpose other than to hold a Tiger vacuum insulated bottle with the applicable model number.
  • Do not use the bottle sling with a bottle in the silicon bottle boot.
  • Do not place the product near stoves, open flames, or other sources of extreme heat.
    There is a risk of burns or deformation or discoloring of the product.
  • Do not swing the bottle sling while holding the belt.
    It may hit other people or objects and injury or damage may occur. The connections between the bottle sling and the belt may become damaged.
  • Do not play while the belt of the bottle sling is hanging from your neck, or hook the belt onto other objects.
    Suffocation may occur.
  • Do not hold the bottle sling upside-down with a bottle inside.
    There is a risk that the bottle may fall out of the bottle sling, which could be dangerous.
  • Do not place the bottle into the bottle sling if the outside of the bottle is wet.
    Rust, disagreeable odors or dirtiness may occur.
  • Do not use the bottle sling while it is wet.
    The color may transfer to clothes or other items.
  • Note that discoloration may occur and colors may transfer depending on the usage conditions.
  • When zipping up the bottle sling, make sure the zipper guard is not bent.
    There is a risk of damaging the bottle.

Precautions When Cleaning


  • Do not use chlorine or oxygen bleaches on the bottle sling.
    Discoloration, fading, or color loss may occur.
  • Do not use a clothes dryer to dry the bottle sling.
    Doing so may cause shrinking.
  • To wash the bottle sling, put it in a washing machine net bag and select the Hand-wash or Dry cycle. After washing, be sure to dry the bottle sling well.
  • Do not iron.
    Doing so may cause shrinking.
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