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In Case of Trouble

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Beverage leakage occurs.
  • Is there any beverage remaining in the threads of the main body or stopper? Completely wipe away any beverage.
  • Has too much beverage been added? Do not add too much beverage.
    About the maximum level when adding beverages
  • When you carry the product in a bicycle basket, bag, or similar place and it is subjected to vibration or impact, or is squeezed by other items being carried, there is a risk that the stopper may loosen, resulting in leakage.
  • Is there any damage to the stopper or gasket? These parts are consumable parts. Please purchase and replace them as necessary.
    Click here to purchase consumable parts.
  • Is the stopper securely tightened? Securely tighten the stopper.
  • Are the lid gasket and stopper gasket securely attached? Securely attach the lid gasket and stopper gasket.
    Click here for how to remove and install the gasket
  • Are the positions and orientations of the gaskets correct? Attach the gaskets correctly.
    Click here for how to remove and install the gasket
  • Was a dishwasher, dish dryer, or similar equipment used, or was the product placed in boiling water? Perform cleaning using the correct methods (except for gaskets).
    Click here to see cleaning instructions.
It does not keep beverages warm (cool).
  • Was the product dropped or subjected to a strong impact?
  • When cleaning the product, was strong pressure applied to the inside of the main body, or was a metal scrubbing brush or similar item used?
  • Is there only a small amount of beverage in the product? When the amount of beverage is small, full heat (cold) retention performance may not be obtained.
  • In harsh environments such as cold regions or when the ambient temperature is high, sufficient heat (cold) retention performance may not be obtained.
There is an unusual odor coming from the inside of the main body, gaskets, or stopper.
There is a rattling sound when the product is shaken.
  • There may be a sound caused by rubbing of a part of the metal foil used inside the main body to increase the heat (cold) retention effects. However, this does not signify a problem and does not affect performance.
There are straight or wavy marks on the plastic parts.
  • These are marks from when the plastic was molded and do not affect quality during use.
MMP-K020,MMP-K021,MMP-T020,MMP-N020,MMP-D020,MMP-E001,MMP-K030,MMP-K031,MMZ-K035,MMZ-K35P,MMZ-K351,MMZ-F035,MMZ-T035,MMZ-K050,MMZ-K501,MMZ-K50D,MMZ-K060,MMZ-K601 (PDF)
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